As Seen in Harper's Bazaar

March 22, 2020

As Seen in Harper's Bazaar

 Exciting mention of Anna Kosturova in Harper's Bazaar latest article called "25 Affordable Summer Dresses to Add to Your Shopping Cart Now."!


Harper's calls them the "statement-making frocks for the dog days of summer" and ain't that the truth! Find your perfect warm weather dresses that keep you feeling chic and stylish whether you're rocking it at the beach, the pool or the bar this summer.

"The greatest part about winter (at least for us) is that the cold weather mandates that we layer. We can assemble outfits that have greater dimension—i.e., a pop of color with a bright scarf or mixing patterns with a jacket and jumper. But with the dog days of summer fast approaching, the intense temperature bids us to shed our (literal and figurative) coats down to the bare essentials.

Indeed, we, more often than not, have to make due with just one piece, which is why we take every opportunity to make it count. The best way to do this is? Well, with an elegant dress, of course. And lucky for us, the market is filled with exceptional pieces that—and here's the real clincher—won’t break the bank. From princely satin gowns and fierce animal-printed dresses to sultry body-cons and sporty slips, check out our selection of statement-making frocks, all at affordable price points."

Find this Cee Zee cotton mini dress exclusively in yellow on

We love the zesty pop of the marigold crochet lace inserts and trim that brings some colour to this classic white mini. Plus, how flattering (and sexy) is an off-the-shoulder look? BTW, you can wear this dress on-shoulder too, which gives a neo-victorian vibe. This dress will work hard for you all summer long. 


Shop this summer-time mini on our site!  We have done this dress in cream and black cotton option with mesh inserts and trim in pastel rainbow.



Wear it on or off-shoulder! 





Read the full Harper's Bazaar article here.

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