Sizing and Care

We want you to be confident that the pieces you’ve selected are the right fit. Measurements and sizes are a general guide and should not be considered absolute (all measurements are in Inches).

All Anna Kosturova crochet pieces are handmade out of 100% Cotton. Due to the nature of crochet, the garment will relax/give naturally over time. This has been considered when developing each piece. So when our crochet pieces are first worn they may feel snug or too small but will give slightly and conform to your body shape. 

 * We recommend if you are in-between sizes to buy a size down, due to the nature of crochet, it will give slightly. 



The cotton yarn is mercerized for added softness, lustre, elasticity and tensile strength, available in a variety of vibrant colours as well as basic neutrals. High quality cotton makes the garments durable. 

All crochet tops, skirts, pants, shorts and dresses have a removable liner for versatility and coverage unless otherwise stated. Swimwear is water safe; however we do not recommend hot tubs because of the harsh chemicals that might cause a colour alteration. Our swimwear is fully lined and the edges are reinforced with an elastic trim.

We pride ourselves on the durability and longevity of our pieces.


We recommend washing our crochet garments in lukewarm water using mild detergent with fabric softener added to the last rinse. To dry tops, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, and cover-ups, please lay the garment flat or it will stretch if hung. For swimwear, simply drip dry. For Silk garments we recommend dry clean only.