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Compulsion, indeed, obsession for fashion design, is hardly something one expects to come out of seeing Disney's Snow White, but for 3-year-old Anna Kosturova, that's exactly what happened. The titular character's vibrant costume made a profound visual impact on her. Always preferring real-life proportions to dolls, Anna grew up endlessly playing dress-up in front of the mirror and subsequently getting her aunt to make the "latest" fashion inventions.

As it often happens, natural instincts were overwritten by the realities of the education system, and instead of pursuing arts, Anna earned a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in textile technology. It took a few years for her to acknowledge her flair for art and fashion and to pursue it professionally. She refers to this radical change in her life as "a personal liberation... a process of decoding my DNA to claim my own happiness."

Anna believes in the aquatic theory of man's origin because it perfectly explains her unusual love of water and fascination with sea life. Designing swimwear and resort wear is just a "full circle" thing for her - a perfect culmination where everything that she loves comes together. Beauty is what she is addicted to and beauty is what she wants to create. 


Our line of hand-crocheted and silk tie dye apparel is designed by Anna Kosturova in her Vancouver, Canada studio. The Collection is then produced overseas by families of generations of crochet and tie dye artisans. As a mechanical engineering graduate, Anna loves pushing the boundaries of crochet and the challenge of recreating patterns and textures found in the world around her. 

Every piece in our handcrafted affordable couture collection is made with the environment in mind. The garments are made of 100% cotton or silk. It takes time to develop and perfect the new stitches and new designs, that's why new collection is introduced only once a year. 

Anna Kosturova Collection is definitely not fast, disposable fashion, but something to be kept in a modern heirloom way, like works of art you collect over the years.