As Seen In Elle Italia

August 15, 2019

As Seen In Elle Italia

She is the epitome of elegance. Her style is legendary. Ladies and Gentleman, Grace Kelly...

Who better to channel this summer than Grace Kelly? Elle Italia suggests wearing our Penelope cotton kaftan (available at to do just this.

We are thrilled to be mentioned in Elle Italia's latest article on Grace Kelly and her timeless beach style. Read on for a Google Translate english edition of the Italian magazines article. And, if you are fluent in Italian, click here of the original post!


How the Grace Kelly cover-up wore no one (I might as well learn for Summer 2019) This photo of Princess Grace Kelly with white cover-ups is the essence of the style of yesterday, today and tomorrow

We don't hear the sounds of the beach, we don't feel the heat or the light wind passing between our hands, the grains sticking to our feet, we don't know what Grace Kelly was doing in this shot of years ago - it was 1978 in Ocean Beach City. What we know is that this photo is one of the fashion stories of other times, one of the many moments of style that belonged to the Monegasque princess, one of those moments to remember. And it is not a parenthesis entitled Grace Kelly fairy clothes, because the set here is a beach with few people, and instead of the creations of visionary couturiers, the princess wore a clear cover-up, which we imagine white, tied at the front with a knot. A pair of aviator glasses and then, who knows, maybe bare feet, maybe a pair of flip flops, maybe handmade leather slippers. What we capture and make our own of this shot, is Grace Kelly in cover-up, trendy and current as if it were a picture of today, beautiful and elegant like few women, nostalgic and romantic enough to cuddle with trendy dreams.

We choose white for its cover-up, we imagine that the decorations of this kaftan from the sea were bluette or coral, maybe meringue yellow or pastel green. We see the Grace Kelly look under a veiled light, we analyze the poetry of the photo in black and white and we choose this as a pose to analyze and appreciate all of Summer 2019. Its charm still echoes and is rediscovered today, among the collections of designers who they take it as absolute inspiration, in the current look of their niece Charlotte Casiraghi. Grace Kelly style now and forever, especially at the seaside, especially when two essential elements are enough to recreate a summer outfit like his. Choose a caftan like this, as simple as it is irresistible. Choose to hide under a swimsuit or a crochet bikini, wear sunglasses with clear lenses, just like your own. Recreate a moment many years ago, and feel beautiful.

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